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The NAFSN Leadership Circle meets every second Friday of the month. All current members of NAFSN are welcome to attend. Contact Duncan Hilchey for the agenda and Zoom link.

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A Guide to Reconnecting Agriculture, Food and Communities Cover


GROWING HOME: A Guide to Reconnecting Agriculture, Food and Communities

By Joanna Green and Duncan Hilchey

This very popular handbook for community-based food and agricultural initiatives, first published in 2002, is designed for community and economic developers, agricultural development specialists, planners, Extension educators, and other community organizers who are working to achieve sustainable community development. It offers tools for planning and examples of strategies used by communities in the northeast United States. The guide is being updated soon with the many new tools and strategies that have emerged in the last few years to include organizing multifarm CSAs, agricultural zoning, urban farming, geographic indications, and more.

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Chapter 1 

Chapter 2

Chapter 3, part 1

Chapter 3, part 2

Chapter 3, part 3

Chapter 3, part 4

Chapter 3, part 5


A Guide to Reconnecting Agriculture, Food and Communities: Table of Contents 1

A Guide to Reconnecting Agriculture, Food and Communities: Table of Contents 2

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