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We are building a collaborative network of Community Food Systems Consultants.

Check in with us as this evolves!

This is a new and developing page for NAFSN. For now, we start by listing Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for community food systems development work throughout North America.

Requests For Proposal:


The City of East Providence, Rhode Island, is seeking a qualified consultant (or consultant team) to conduct a feasibility study on the conversion of a former municipal elementary school building into a small business incubator.


The City of East Providence is seeking to develop a feasibility study on the conversion of the former Oldham Elementary School building into a multiuse small business, blue economy, and arts incubator that will be centered on the creation of jobs through business startups and providing a network and important business resources that will ensure a greater level of long-term success for these small businesses.

The study will examine the overall feasibility of the incubator model and, based on the results of the feasibility analysis, will develop a plan of action that will lead to the development of a facility that supports the business needs identified within the feasibility analysis. The initial position of the City, based on independent research conducted to date, identifies the need for specialized food production needs that are not currently being captured by the existing food incubation spaces in the state, including baking, gluten-free designated production spaces, and food packaging spaces, an arts –based business incubation space, and blue economy industries (renewable energy, aquaculture, seabed extractive activities and marine biotechnology and bioprospecting.) The feasibility study will also determine if and how these proposed industries can/will support each other and via proximity, cross-pollinate these separate parts and create a greater whole.

Proposals due: December 20, 2023 



The Good Food Collective is seeking proposals from qualified individuals or organizations to develop a comprehensive County Food System Plan, including a landscape assessment of policy and regulatory options for La Plata County, Colorado.

This plan will provide a roadmap for addressing food insecurity, promoting sustainable agriculture, and improving access to healthy, locally sourced food within our community, while also considering relevant policies, regulations, and related infrastructure.

Applications due: January 1, 2024



The Wallace Center created the Value Chain Coordination Community of Practice (VCC CoP) to create a space for people building local and regional value chains to learn from each other, share best practices, and build relationships. Wallace created the group in 2021, and since then it's grown to nearly 500 members. Wallace hosts a monthly call series for the CoP with a keen emphasis on creating relationships. They've covered topics like measuring and capturing success, accessing federal grants, the role of VCC in government agencies, and creating trusting partnerships.

Until now, the Wallace Center team has designed and facilitated these conversations and they are now seeking an external facilitator who can help plan and host these calls in partnership with their team. They seek a facilitator with experience designing and hosting interactive, virtual group calls that are engaging, accessible, and build relationships. The ideal facilitator has the capacity to dedicate to this effort, an understanding of food systems work in the US, and a strong ability to work independently and collaborate with Wallace Center staff.

Applications due: November 30, 2023



Think Equity seeks a contractor to support their Clinics Advancing Health Equity (CAHE) project, funded by The Colorado Health Foundation. The contractor will work closely with the Project Manager, Assistant Project Manager, and CAHE project team to provide training and technical assistance to selected health clinics in Colorado serving rural and low-income populations.

The DEI/Racial Equity Coach will be responsible for administering a baseline assessment to selected clinics, analyzing the data, and developing clinic profiles with recommendations for a technical assistance plan. The coach will work with their selected clinic through three phases: Assessment (6 months), Technical Assistance/Coaching (12 months), and Sustainability (6 months). The engagement with each clinic will last a total of two years.

Positions will be filled by: December 22, 2023.



The Center for Agricultural Development & Entrepreneurship (CADE) seeks a consultant to connect its network of clients with buyer and market matchmaking to increase local food procurement. The Goal of their project is increasing farm and food business profitability, viability and sustainability through market matchmaking. This consultancy position will act as a liaison to brokers and buyers of New York products and will report to, and work directly with, CADE’s Value Chain and Marketing specialist, Kaitlyn Sirna. 

The primary objectives are to:

1) Enhance CADE's network of buyers who value purchasing local and New York sourced, regeneratively produced, and other value-based purchasing;

2) Map buyers’ procurement needs in 12 key areas (e.g., product specs, required certifications, min volume, delivery expectations, etc.) to facilitate ‘smart’ matches between buyers and producers

3) Provide an analysis of buyer landscape and demand for produce, products, value-propositions and other.

Proposals due: December 15, 2023


posted 11/15/23 

The Organic Farmers Association (OFA) is launching Farmers Circles, a pilot program of intentional, intimate spaces of collective care where farmers come together to find connection, support, and inspiration. With this, they are looking to hire 5 remote facilitators for the following farmer circles:

* Black Farmer Circle

* Indigenous Farmer Circle

* Latinx Farmer Circle (Spanish fluency is required; Circle participants will determine whether or not the Circle is conducted in Spanish or English.)

* Queer Farmer Circle

* Asian Farmer Circle

Timeline:  November 2023-November 2024, with an opportunity to extend the contract period.

Compensation: This role includes monthly meetings, either with the farmer circle or facilitator group, estimated at 4-5 hours/ month to cover the farmer circle gathering, planning, reporting, and outreach.  Compensation is: $2,640/yr. Kindly note that every Circle should be led by an individual who resonates with the Circle's specific purpose.


posted 11/9/23

Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food and Agriculture is soliciting proposals from qualified project management firms or individuals to conduct a feasibility study and write a comprehensive report about the establishment of a shared headquarters for food-focused nonprofit organizations in Washington, DC. The envisioned shared headquarters would include essential facilities such as refrigerated storage, lockers, communal & private workspace, a commercial kitchen (if feasible), and a flash freezing operation (if feasible). The study will assess the viability of this initiative, considering real estate options, stakeholder engagement, financial feasibility, and potential partnerships.

Proposals due: November 15, 2023


posted 11/4/23

No Kid Hungry’s Early Childhood Systems team shared an RFP for a consultant to conduct a comprehensive landscape analysis and create an Early Childhood Systems strategy that will inform our internal knowledge base. The comprehensive landscape analysis will highlight 1) early childhood & food programs/policies, 2) promising practices for maximizing access to federal food programs, 3) federal funding opportunities & sustainable resources, and 4) prevailing opportunities & lessons learned at the intersection of early childhood & food insecurity. The strategy will include innovative and bold recommendations to advance access to local & federal food resources and will include an emphasis on engaging rural communities, tribal & indigenous communities, immigrant & refugee communities, and communities disproportionately impacted by food insecurity.

Proposals due: November 30, 2023


posted 11/4/23

King County and King Conservation District, WA, have launched a process working with community stakeholders that will result in a new Local Food Initiative Strategy and re-framing of the Regional Food System Program for their region. As part of the process, they are looking for a consultant(s) to support the project on community engagement and plan/policy development.

A contract will be awarded based on the RFP evaluation criteria including ability to meet stated requirements, inclusive community engagement and policy/plan approach, budget, and additional factors detailed in the RFP. Send proposals to

Proposals due: November 17, 2023


posted 10/17/23

The City of Santa Clarita, CA, seeks to contract for goat grazing services. The goal of the proposed project is to development goat grazing services in specific open space areas for fire mitigation purposes. The City would like enter into agreements with one or more goat-grazing Contractors to develop an ongoing program for reducing fuel levels in the mature undisturbed native open space.

Proposals due: November 15, 2023


posted 10/17/23

The Rhode Island Food Policy Council seeks a contractor to produce monthly newsletters and support web-based communications and updates. This contractor reports to the Engagement Manager.

Bids should be made for a trial period of 6 months. They anticipate the maximum total amount available for this contract will be $12,000.

Proposals due: October 24, 2023

Send bids directly to with Newsletter Writing and Digital Communications Support Contractor in the subject line.


posted 10/16/23

Virginia Fresh Match is looking for a graphic designer to produce for its network: a new logo; new marketing material templates influenced by this new logo, fonts, and color palette; signs; banners;  posters/flyers; rack cards; social media postings; brochure; presentation; graphic elements for use on website. These templates should be simple to customize and print so they can be accessible to all levels of users. We expect to share these templates with our outlets in

Work will be conducted remotely, with a team is located across Virginia and North Carolina.

They are looking to begin information gathering meetings between the designer and VFM team before Nov. 1, with drafts ready for feedback by Dec. 1, and final deliverables by Jan. 1.

Proposals due: October 23, 2023

Email resume, examples of relevant past work, proposed budget, and cover letter to Virginia Fresh Match Network Director Lanae Hood at by Monday, Oct. 23.


posted 10/3/23

The City of New Bedford, MA, Purchasing Department, in conjunction with the City of New Bedford’s Department of Environmental Stewardship is seeking proposals from qualified firms to provide Brownfields to Healthfields Consulting Services. 

A key component of this Brownfield Multi-Purpose Grant will be a Health Impact Assessment to inform the public and decision makers when policies, plans, programs, and projects in a range of sectors have the potential to significantly impact human health.

In addition to this Brownfields grant, the Old Bedford Village Development Corporation, a non-profit community-based advocacy organization requested assistance in 2020 from the EPA through the Local Foods, Local Places program to develop an action plan for promoting local food systems and healthy, walkable, economically vibrant communities. The City intends to support the outcomes of the Local Foods, Local Places Community Action Plan through this Multi-Purpose Grant. 

Proposals due: October 6, 2023 


posted 10/3/23

The Northern Colorado Foodshed Project is seeking an External Evaluator for its 2021 USDA RFSP grant for the Poudre Food Partnership (PFP). This role will be a three-month contract where the Evaluator work will encompass data analysis of grant programs, program and partner evaluations, and contribute to the Food Systems Action Plan for Northern Colorado.

This contracted, temporary position is ideal for someone looking for part-time work with a flexible schedule as well as someone familiar with food system work. The Northern Colorado Foodshed Project is an exciting initiative that aims to improve food access and support local food systems. If you are passionate about food justice and community development, we encourage you to apply.


posted 9/27/23

The County of Kane, Illinois, is soliciting proposals to provide professional services supporting the launch of a new pilot program, the Kane County Food and Agriculture Accelerator. This program is being developed to provide business training and technical assistance for food-growing operations and supportive technology companies that sustain Kane County’s local food ecosystem. The program will also act in response to food insecurity and health inequities that persist in Kane County’s urban areas. The goal of the Accelerator is to support the growth of urban area farms and agriculture technology companies while improving local food access in Low-Income Low-Access (LILA) communities.

Contact: Tony Sperkowski,

Proposals due: October 25, 2023


posted 9/20/23

Rhode Island Commerce Corporation has requested proposals for Measuring Local Food Sales in Rhode Island. 

The Corporation seeks proposals from qualified contractors for state level data collection on local food consumption and purchases as part of a Local Food Counts Study. As part of Rhode Island’s Food Strategy, Relish Rhody, and a regional effort to achieve 30% regional food consumption from New England states by 2030, a local food count will provide essential data to understand the production and consumption of food in the Rhode Island economy.  

Proposals due: September 26, 2023


posted 9/19/23

Wayne County, PA, has requested bids for a Food Locker Pilot Program. Sealed proposals will be accepted for climate controlled refrigerated and frozen locker systems and supporting software and operating systems. These lockers will be used by multiple agencies/businesses to address food access challenges throughout this rural county.

Sealed bids must be marked Food Locker Project. The details of the proposed project can be obtained by request to Vicky Botjer, CFO @ 

Proposals due: September 27, 2023.


posted 9/19/23

Through this opportunity, New York Health Foundation (NYHealth) aims to advance racial health equity through two strategies of its Healthy Food, Healthy Lives program: 

(1) promoting Food Is Medicine interventions, and 

(2) supporting healthier, culturally responsive food purchasing.

They seek to support organizations led by and supporting communities of color to implement community-driven projects informed by and responsive to community needs.

Letters of Inquiry due: October 23, 2023


posted 9/10/23

The Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) and their Small Farm Technology Hub is pleased to announce this Request for Proposals (RFP) to seek qualified contractors for a comprehensive needs assessment project aimed at advancing technology adoption among small-scale farmers within the five counties encompassed by the Fresno-Merced Future of Food Innovation (F3) Initiative: Fresno, Merced, Madera, Kings, and Tulare, California.

The Small Farm Technology Hub at CAFF will house this assessment and aims to use it as a  guiding document to inform how their services can best support farmers with identifying appropriate technologies for their businesses. CAFF’s primary constituents are family farmers.

Proposals due: September 14, 2023


posted 8/31/23

Land Stewardship Project seeks to contract a Family Farm Breakfast Organizer to organize the 2024 Family Farm Breakfast, which brings over 300 people together as the beginning of LSP’s annual Lobby Day. The event is currently planned for Thursday, March 7, 2024. This includes logistic coordination, fundraising, food procurement, collaboration with the chef(s), volunteer recruitment and coordination, and other activities as capacity allows. 

LSP seek to do work that ensures that the health of the land is enhanced, small- and mid-sized farms thrive, communities are prosperous, and true democracy flourishes. The mission of the Land Stewardship Project is to foster an ethic of stewardship for farmland, to promote sustainable agriculture, and to develop healthy communities. 

Application reviews start: September 25, 2023


posted 8/28/2023

The National Young Farmers Coalition (Young Farmers / the Coalition) is in search of a Phone Banker and Technical Assistant, to make calls to potential USDA 22007 Discrimination Financial Assistance Program applicants, and to assist applicants in applying or connecting with other cooperators, and with local support offices as appropriate. 

This USDA program is a one-time and time bound resource, and thus quick and efficient execution of requested services will be essential. The 22007 program is designed for eligible farmers, ranchers, and forest landowners who experienced discrimination in USDA farm lending programs prior to January 2021.

The National Young Farmers Coalition is one of eight (8) cooperators working together and with USDA on the program’s implementation. Our role as an organization is to facilitate awareness and understanding of the Discrimination Financial Assistance Program among producers in our network, and to ensure producers have access to resources and technical assistance services to ensure completion of application, as appropriate.

Application deadline: August 30, 2023


posted 8/28/2023

Michigan Farmers Market Association (MIFMA) seeks proposals for a contracted Curriculum Writer to compile, organize, and write a curriculum for its Market Manager Certificate Program. 

The Market Manager Certification Program is a voluntary program designed by MIFMA in 2011 to encourage farmers market managers to pursue leadership skills and professional development on topics essential to market management. Market managers are recognized with a certificate upon completion of the full program that acknowledges the market manager is a trained professional.

The Curriculum Writer will work with MIFMA staff to organize and write the curriculum based on the content and resources MIFMA has developed over the twelve-year span of the program. They expect the work product to include one text document communicating to future program facilitators how to present the course content (graphic design of the document is optional and would need to adhere to MIFMA’s design and brand standards).

Proposal accepted until: September 29, 2023


posted 8/28/2023

Share Our Strength seeks an evaluator to conduct a research project investigating its Nutrition in Housing (NIH) pilot program. The overarching goal of its NIH pilot is to establish a sustainable and replicable model that can be implemented across major housing developer’s affordable housing communities to support food security for families with children. The primary objective of the research project is to determine if the NIH model improves the food environment, with a secondary objective of understanding how the model works and what elements of the program contribute to outcomes. 

Proposal deadline: September 29, 2023


posted 8/25/2023

GrowNYC has received funding from the USDA AMS Local Food Promotion Program for a project Diversifying the Next Generation of Wholesale Suppliers and Buyers to partner with an organization working on food access at the neighborhood level. GrowNYC's goal is to expand access to local source-identified food in the South Bronx, especially food grown by BIPOC farmers. 

Subaward funding will support one organization on a project during the grant performance period of Sept 30, 2023 - Sept 29, 2025 on a project that meets the grant objectives of increasing access to affordable, fresh local foods in the South Bronx sourced from participating GrowNYC partner farms.

Apply here.

Application deadline: August 31, 2023.


posted 8/15/2023

Organic Agronomy Training Service (OATS) in Madison, Wisconsin, has put out a Call for Talent for:

Writer: The Organic Agronomy Training Service (OATS) seeks to hire a skilled writer to craft scripts for 10 to 12 educational short videos on organic agriculture topics. Anyone with a talent for writing and communicating technical content in an interesting and engaging way is encouraged to submit a proposal. You do not need to have written scripts before. If you can write funny, engaging content while paying attention to detail and accuracy, translating wonky technical language into something that is digestible and entertaining, then this is the project for you! Proposal deadline: Aug 20, 2023.

Actor: The Organic Agronomy Training Service (OATS) seeks to hire a skilled actor to appear as the host in a series of 10 to 12 educational short videos on organic agriculture topics. The actor will work closely with the National Program Director, Videographer, and Script Writer. We are looking for someone who can bring an irreverent sense of humor to communicate technical content in an interesting and engaging way on camera. We are seeking an actor who can bring confidence, accuracy, and entertainment to the delivery of the performance. Application deadline: Aug 20, 2023.


posted 8/9/2023

Kansas State University seeks proposals from qualified proposers to meet the University's requirements during the contract term for organizational consulting services in support of the Rural Grocery Initiative (RGI) located in Manhattan, Kansas. 

(Bid opportunity notices, awards, and a free preview of the bid documents are available on the RFP site free of charge without registration. Please note, some documents may be secured and you will be required to register for the bid to download and view the documents. There is no cost to obtain an unsecured version of the document and /or to participate in this solicitation.)

Proposals are accepted until September 15, 2023.


posted 8/7/2023

The Loudoun County Department of Economic Development has released a request for qualifications for a LMLG Local Food Supply Chain Feasibility Study.

Loudoun County in Virginia has been awarded a grant through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Farmers Market and Local Food Promotion Program. The goal of the grant-funded project is to increase production of, and access to, Loudoun farm products.

The objective of this phase of the grant is to conduct a feasibility study to understand the existing relationships between Loudoun growers and their clients, gaps in the marketplace, potential opportunities. and a set of clear strategies in wholesale contracts with public/private institutions and businesses that will increase Loudoun Made Loudoun Grown (LMLG) Supplier production and increase opportunities to sell existing product.

Responses are due August 11, 2023.


posted 8/7/2023

The Organic Agronomy Training Service (OATS) seeks to hire facilitators for the Organic Field Crop Course, a training program for advisors, consultants, agronomists, and agricultural professionals on the art and science of organic field crop production. The course facilitator will serve as the main point of contact for the course participants, organize and host six 2-hour live sessions on zoom, and monitor participant progress through the self-paced materials.

Proposals will be accepted until August 13, 2023.


posted 8/7/2023

The Organic Agronomy Training Service (OATS) seeks to hire a skilled writer to craft scripts for 10 to 12 educational short videos on organic agriculture topics. The writer will work closely with the National Program Director, Videographer, and a team of subject matter experts.

The writer will transform outlines of technical content prepared by subject matter experts into 10 to 12, two to four minute engaging educational videos. The scripts will contain the dialogue, descriptions and ideas for visuals/graphics/images/explanatory text, actions/motion that is happening on screen, and cited sources.

Proposals will be accepted until August 20, 2023.


posted 7/27/2023

GrowNYC Wholesale has announced an RFP opportunity to help identify a South Bronx organization to partner with as a value chain coordinator/microhub. 

GrowNYC has received funding from the USDA AMS Local Food Promotion Program for a project "Diversifying the Next Generation of Wholesale Suppliers and Buyers" to partner with organizations working on food access at the neighborhood level to drive demand for local food in underserved communities, especially food grown by BIPOC farmers. 

As part of this initiative, GrowNYC Wholesale is soliciting applications from organizations to operate innovative programming to increase access to affordable, farm fresh local foods in South Bronx.

Subaward funding will support one organization to help with capacity building, promoting the use of seasonal and local foods sourced from participating GrowNYC partner farms, and achieving long-term program viability.

Proposals will be accepted until August 31, 2023.


posted 7/3/2023

The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) seeks to hire a consultant to evaluate the projected outcomes of federal and food company incentive programs for conservation practice adoption. The consultant will work with the EDF team to leverage industry connections, academic literature, knowledge databases, and other relevant resources to assess acreage engaged in cover cropping and conservation tillage programs across the United States. 

Proposals are due July 14, 2023.


posted 6/21/2023

The Syracuse-Onondaga Food Systems Alliance (SOFSA) seeks a consultant to work with SOFSA’s membership and leadership to weave together existing plans with the interests and perspectives of the network’s many stakeholders to create a five-year strategic action plan for the partnership.

Proposals are due July 14, 2023.


posted 6/20/2023

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) aims to provide an up-to-date overview of existing and emerging carbon pricing instruments that capture the external costs of agricultural greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by putting an explicit price on GHG emissions. This initiative will investigate trends surrounding the intersection of the agricultural sector and the development and implementation of emissions trading systems (ETSs), voluntary carbon crediting mechanisms, and implementation of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.  

One focus of the analysis will be how global crediting mechanisms align with high-impact climate solutions, which EDF identified through a meta-analysis of peer-reviewed literature.  EDF is seeking analytical, writing, and design support to develop this content to educate policy makers, NGOs, and corporate stakeholders, both within and outside the food and agriculture industry. 

Proposals are due June 30, 2023


posted 6/4/2023

The City of Kingston, in New York’s Hudson Valley, has just released an RFP to hire a consultant or team of consultants to help it develop a Food System Plan. 

The goal of this plan is to provide a blueprint for how the City of Kingston can support strengthening its local food system by improving resilience, addressing food insecurity, and increasing access to nutritionally dense foods through actions specific to the municipality and/or through collaborative action with its local community partners.

Please share with any consultants or team of consultants you think would be interested in applying. 

Proposals are due July 5, 2023.


posted 5/20/2023

The Lake Michigan School Fund Systems Innovation Hub seeks a Consultant to Support Integration of a Grants Application and Management Platform into Salesforce for the Lake Michigan School Food Systems Innovation Hub.

Ghe United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) School Food System Transformation Challenge seeks to transform school food systems through innovative practices that increase student access to healthy meals. Led by the Illinois Public Health Institute (IPHI), the Lake Michigan School Food Systems Innovation Hub (Innovation Hub) will implement the USDA Challenge to spark innovation and strengthen the Lake Michigan K-12 food system to improve schools’ access to nutritious, local, and culturally relevant products in Illinois, Michigan, Northern Indiana, and Wisconsin. As part of this initiative, IPHI is seeking proposals from qualified consultants to help integrate’s grant application and management tool into the existing IPHI Salesforce platform and build two applications into the system. 

Proposals are due by May 25, 2023.


posted 5/20/2023

The Lake Michigan School Fund Systems Innovation Hub seeks a Consultant to Lead a Request for Application Process for Lake Michigan School Food Systems Innovation Hub.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) School Food System Transformation Challenge seeks to transform school food systems through innovative practices that increase student access to healthy meals. Led by the Illinois Public Health Institute (IPHI), the Lake Michigan School Food Systems Innovation Hub (Innovation Hub) will implement the USDA Challenge to spark innovation and strengthen the Lake Michigan K-12 food system to improve schools’ access to nutritious, local, and culturally relevant products in Illinois, Michigan, Northern Indiana, and Wisconsin. As part of this initiative, IPHI is seeking proposals from qualified consultants to support the development of a Sub-Grantee Request for Application (RFA) process and materials. The consultant will support IPHI and partners in developing an innovative and user-friendly grant application and accompanying materials. The partners leading the Lake Michigan School Food Systems Innovation Hub will collectively identify and make awards to local and regional collaboratives to strengthen and adapt the food system to enable schools to serve their students culturally relevant, delicious foods that align with current USDA Transitional Standards, as well as future meal pattern iterations.

Proposals are due by May 25, 2023.


posted 5/20/2023

The Lake Michigan School Fund Systems Innovation Hub seeks a Communications and Website Development Marketing, Communications, [and/or] Website Development Consultant.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) School Food System Transformation Challenge seeks to transform school food systems through innovative practices that increase student access to healthy meals. Led by the Illinois Public Health Institute (IPHI), the Lake Michigan School Food Systems Innovation Hub (Innovation Hub) will implement the USDA Challenge to spark innovation and strengthen the Lake Michigan K-12 food system to improve schools’ access to nutritious, local, and culturally relevant products in Illinois, Michigan, Northern Indiana, and Wisconsin. As part of this initiative, IPHI is seeking proposals from qualified consultants/companies to support the development and dissemination of communications and marketing materials to key audiences that promote sub-grant opportunities and share resources and success stories. Additionally, IPHI is seeking proposals from qualified consultants/companies to help develop and launch an Innovation Hub website that meets USDA and federal law compliance requirements and is accessible, user-friendly, and well-designed. As many communications and marketing firms also provide website development services, IPHI is open to having one contractor fulfill both scopes of work or having two contractors work to address each scope of work (communications/ marketing as one, and website development/launch as the other), with IPHI working with each to align efforts. 

Proposals are due by May 25, 2023.


posted 5/20/23

RAFI-USA seeks Farm Advocacy Training Video contractor. RAFI-USA conducted and recorded 23 training sessions with lead farm advocate, comprising approximately 35-40 hours of training footage and accompanying casework documents. The trainings addressed topics organically as they came up in casework, and are not organized by topic. RAFI-USA is seeking a contractor who will work closely with the RAFI-USA Farm Advocacy team to index, organize, and edit this content (and find/record additional content as needed to fill in gaps) into no more than seven topic-specific video modules - with accompanying documentation - for use in training future farm advocates. These video training modules will be used to train new farm advocates at RAFI-USA and beyond in the movement. The budget for the successful completion of this project is $30,000, based on an estimate of 700 hours of work for the project over 7 months before the end of 2023. This work is remote and should not require travel.

Deadline not listed.


posted 5/19/23

Cooking Matters seeks an evaluator to conduct an impact evaluation of its new premier curriculum, Cooking Matters Core. Cooking Matters Core is designed to help organizations and implementers reach parents and caregivers with dynamic content about purchasing and preparing foods that meet nutrition, budget, and personal needs. The evaluation should test Cooking Matters Core’s impact on purchasing and preparing foods that meet nutrition, budget, and personal needs. The evaluation design of Cooking Matters Core should align with SNAP-Ed’s research-tested approach. 

Send proposals and questions to: Catherine Cleary at with subject line Cooking Matters Core Evaluation: [Insert Organization Name]

Budget for the evaluation: $100,000 - $200,000

Desired start date: July 6, 2023

Desired completion date: March 1, 2024

Proposals are due  June 9, 2023.


posted 4/3/23

The City of Rochester is seeking Proposals from qualified respondents to help develop a Community Food System Plan. Professional services are needed to conduct research and mapping/data analysis, gather widespread community and stakeholder input, develop a comprehensive baseline inventory/assessment of the food environment and food flows across the city, identify resources and unmet needs, and develop recommendations to inform City data, planning, policy, partnerships, and initiatives related to improving healthy food access and resilience.

The City seeks to retain a Consultant or team of Consultants with experience helping other communities plan for healthy food system access and resilience, particularly Consultants that have worked in racially and ethnically diverse communities with significant challenges related to poverty, food insecurity, and diet-related chronic disease. The Consultant/s should also have experience with successfully engaging a wide variety of community members, food system actors, and other stakeholders in the development of food system plans.

Proposals are due  May 9, 2023.


posted 4/3/23

The Aging and Disability Services (ADS) Division of the City of Seattle Human Services Department (HSD) is seeking applications from a diverse group of agencies interested in helping older adults maintain their quality of life through access to quality and nourishing foods that support healthy aging.

The Culturally Nourishing Foods for Older Adults Request for Proposal (RFP) is competitive and open to any legally constituted entities that meet the standard HSD Agency Minimum Eligibility Requirements and any additional requirements outlined in Section IV of the Guidelines. The Culturally Nourishing Foods for Older Adults RFP invests in food and meals, food access, and social engagement. Organizations may apply for one or more strategies. All funded organizations may be required to participate in an evaluation process to determine the efficacy of the program.

Proposals are due April 12, 2023.


posted 3/22/23

The Ada County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) in Idaho is seeking a comprehensive approach to food sourcing to include food procurement, menu management software, food services consultation, dietitian services, and reduced food costs.

Currently, ACSO serves over 3,500 meals per day with the requirement that meals meet Idaho Sheriff’s Association Standards, National Commission on Correctional Health Care standards, and other dietary standards for individuals with medically ordered or restrictive diets. The Sheriff’s Office desires to manage its own food service system which includes staffing, all decisions on food delivery, and providing food for jail staff. "ASCO believes the safe operation of the jail is reliant upon a food service program where food is high quality, presented well, and has good flavor so that it is appealing."

Proposals are due  March 31, 2023.


posted 3/22/23

The State of Tennessee Department of Agriculture is requesting proposals for Digital Marketing Strategies for the Pick Tennessee Products Program. 

Pick Tennessee Products has been a part of the Tennessee Department of Agriculture for more than 30 years.

Proposals are due April 3, 2023.


posted 3/9/23

The newly forming Oregon Farm to Institution Collaborative (OFIC) is requesting proposals for a Consultant.

Health Care Without Harm, the fiscal agent for this grant, invites proposals from qualified consultants/firms to lay the groundwork for the formation of the Oregon Farm to Institution Collaborative by working with the OFIC Organizing Team on a recruitment process and decision-making structure, as well as facilitating specific activities with OFIC members once the collaborative is convened.

Proposals are due Tuesday, March 14, 2023.


posted 3/9/23

Common Grain Alliance is seeking proposals for a Strategic Equity Consultant to support the alliance's efforts to build an equitable marketplace for regional grains and staple foods in the Mid-Atlantic. 

Applications will be accepted through Friday, April 14th at 11:59PM EST.


posted 3/7/23

FASST—Food Access and Support Services Team, funded by the University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS), seeks to contact an External Evaluator.

Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland (MOWCM), Moveable Feast (M Feast), Maryland Food
Bank and Benefits Data Trust (together, the Coalition) are collaborating on a project with the
University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS), known as FASST to improve health equity for
patients of UMMS by providing nutrition and other support services that positively impact the
social determinants of health through a technology platform developed by the Coalition, UMMS
and the Chesapeake Regional Information System for Patients (CRISP). 

This is a three-year grant funded project. Years I & II will focus on project development, process
evaluation, and outcome development with Year III focused on outcome measurement. Proposals are due March 14, 2023.


posted 1/25/23
Produce Perks Midwest (PPM) seeks a contractor to provide review of and recommendations on data collection and evaluation for an USDA Gus Schumacher Nutrition Incentive Program (GusNIP) funded Produce Prescription (PPR) project.

The Evaluation Consultant (EC) will be responsible for guiding the development of a project evaluation plan in collaboration with project partners, and provide mentorship and training to PPM staff to develop data collection tools and activities for participating project health care providers, patients and partners that yield relevant and robust data for evaluation to project goals. Subsequently, the EC will review data and provide guidance on evaluation approaches to analyze and distill findings and review evaluation conducted by PPM staff. Proposals are due February 17, 2023.


posted 1/18/23
The Institute for Social and Economic Development (ISED Solutions)( has fiscal sponsorship via TSNE ( in Boston, MA. For over 18 years, ISED has delivered training and technical assistance services (T&TA) to refugee-serving agencies nationwide that work with refugee small farmers - providing outreach, agricultural training resources, and technical information. ISED hosts a national refugee farming listserv, a website, sponsors national conferences, and provides a variety of T&TA services via USDA grants and other resources. 

This is a Consultant role.  The overall roles of the Website Designer and Manager is planning, implementing, managing, monitoring, and upgrading or rebuilding the organization's website.


posted 1/18/23
The Claneil Foundation is a small family foundation in Plymouth Meeting, PA, that seeks to hire a communications consultant to assist with its on-going internal and website communication needs for a one-year contract with the possibility of renewal. The mission of the Claneil Foundation is to improve   the health of families and communities through advancements in health and human services, a sustainable food system, education and the protection of the environment. The Foundation provides general operating grants in the Philadelphia area, and awards seed funding to emerging projects and organizations that have the potential for significant impact in the New England and Mid-Atlantic regions.

Proposals are due Friday, February 17, 2023. 

posted 1/10/23
The Bainum Family Foundation, located in Bethesda, MD, is seeking a consultant on behalf of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments' (COG) Food and Agriculture Regional Member Policy Committee to advance efforts of the Catalytic Opportunities Work Group. 

The Work Group seeks to outline the current condition for Black, Indigenous and Latino farmers as well as other farmers with a history of race-based social disadvantages in the metropolitan Washington region to build a body of evidence and drive policy recommendations.

More details can be found in the attached RFP. Proposals are due to by Friday, January 27. They are happy to answer questions via email or set up time for further discussion.

posted 1/9/23

Better Cotton is looking for a consultant familiar with US labor regulations to review existing laws and enforcement measures and understand coverage and gaps as related to the Better Cotton standards. The standards apply to child labor, worker rights, worker health and
safety, and labor requirements specific to H2A workers.

The focus is on farm workers in the 17 states in the Cotton Belt: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Virginia.

Please find more information in the RFP link below (please disregard the UK location in the online listing!). Proposals are due January 20, 2023. Feel free to send any inquiries to