The ACRE Community of Practice

Connect with a trained member of the ACRE Community of Practice to contract for values-driven facilitation services in your food & farming community.

Kehinde Adewoye

Atlanta Metro Area, Georgia

Marissa Baron

New Jersey

Amy Baskes

Columbus, Ohio

Aoife Bird

Providence, Rhode Island

Lana Chehabeddine

Miami-Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Mandy Coriston

Northwest New Jersey

Romain Dureau

Quebec, Canada

Eileen Hochberg

Somers, New York

Ed Hunt

Pembroke, North Carolina

Melissa Levy

Hinesburg, Vermont

Carmen Lyttle-N'guessan

Tallahassee, Florida

Elias Martinez

Buffalo/Niagra Falls, New York

Nancy Nunn

photo pending

Queenstown, Maryland

Martha Page

Hartford, Connecticut

Virginia Pleasant

Chicago Metro Area, Indiana

Sara Prout

Mim Seidel

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Jennifer Schrum

New Brunswick, New Jersey

Karen Hiniker Simons

Katohah, New York

Rachel Tayse

photo pending

Columbus, Ohio

Fru Wanka

Cape Town, South Africa

Hannah Wheatcraft

Seattle, Washington

Rachel Wilson

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The ACRE Community of Practice is open to all who have completed the ACRE Facilitator Training.

For more information on this training, click here.