NAFSN leverages the power of networks & collaboration for the benefit of food systems professionals.


* meet professionals from across the field

* access employment opportunities curated from throughout the U.S.

* promote your work as a consultant, contractor, or other services specific to food systems

* request career connecting

* contribute to projects with national impact

* help produce webinars, podcasts, and other productions

* attend leadership events 

* gain national exposure for your local and regional programs

* learn about the latest toolkits and research supporting community food system development

* engage with academic researchers and other authors published in JAFSCD

* promote jobs, academic programs, & other opportunities for emerging professionals


NAFSN strives to make membership accessible for all people working to strengthen local and regional food systems. We ask those of you earning livable salaries and receiving institutional support to select memberships that reflect your means. By doing so, you help offset the cost of this sliding scale.  


Free Trial Individual Membership for 60 days$0
Student Membership, FoodCorp & AmeriCorp Membership$10/year
Individual Membership for those with Limited Resources


Emerging Professional/Farmer Membership$60/year 
Professional/Academic Membership$90/year 
Individual Lifetime Membership$600


Student Chapter

(includes unlimited number of student memberships per chapter per year)


Grassroots/Volunteer-Led Organization

(includes up to three individual memberships per year)


Nonprofit Organization Membership

(include up to three individual memberships per year)


Sponsor Membership

(include up to three individual memberships per year plus sponsorship perks)