Degree & Certificate programs in Food Systems Studies

Arizona State University (AZ) 
Programs offered: BA, MA

University Of California - Berkeley (CA)
                                        Programs offered: Minor

Boston University (MA)
Programs offered: MA, Graduate Certificate

Chatham University, Food Studies (PA)
Programs offered: MA, BA, Minor in Food Studies

Clemson University (SC)
                     Programs offered: BS, MS

Colorado State University, Food Systems (CO)
                                        Programs offered: Concentration

CUNY Graduate Center (NY)
Programs offered: Concentration

DePaul University (IL)
Programs offered: Minor

First Nations Technical Institute, Indigenous Sustainable Food Systems (ON, Canada) 
                                        Programs offered: 

Guildford College, Sustainable Food Systems (NC)
Programs offered: AB, Major, Minor, Interdisciplinary

Indiana University (IN)
Programs offered: 

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (MD)
Programs offered: MHS w/focus area in food, water, & health; Graduate certificate, MPH concentration in food systems

Montana State University, Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems (MT)
                                        Programs offered: BS

Montclair State University (NJ)
Programs offered: BS, MS

New Mexico State University, Food Studies (NM)
Programs offered: Graduate minor

Ohio State University (OH)
Programs offered: MA, MS, PhD, Minor

Oregon Health and Science University. Food Systems and Society (OR)
                     Programs offered: MS

San Jose State University, Nutrition, Food Science and Packaging (CA)
                     Programs offered: BS

Soka University (CA)
                                        Programs offered: BS

Sterling College, Sustainable Food Systems (VT)
Programs offered: BA in Sustainable food systems

Stetson University (FL)
Programs offered: Interdisciplinary

Syracuse University (NY)
Programs offered: BS, Minor, MS, and Certificate of Advanced Study

The New School, Food Studies Program (NY)
Programs offered: AAS, BA, BS

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (TX)
                     Programs offered: BS

Tufts University, Agriculture, Food and Environment (AFE) Program (MA)
Programs offered: MS, PhD, and Combined Degrees

University of Buffalo (NY)
Programs offered: PhD

University of Kentucky (KY)
Programs offered: Certificate

University of Houston (TX)
Programs offered: MS

University of Maine (ME)
                                        Programs offered: BS, MS, PhD

University of Michigan, Sustainable Food Systems Initiative (MI)
Programs offered: Minor, Graduate Certificate

University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill (NC)
Programs offered: BS, BA, Minor

University of Oregon, Food Studies (OR)
Programs offered: Undergrad Minor and Grad Specialization

University of Southern Maine, Food Studies (ME)
Programs offered: Minor, Graduate Certificate

University of Vermont, Food Systems Program (VT)
Programs offered: BS in food systems, minor, and Transdisciplinary Masters and doctorate programs

University of Washington Center for Public Health Nutrition (WA)
Programs offered: BA in "food systems, Nutrition, and health major"

Vermont Law School (VT)
Programs offered: Masters of Food and Agriculture Law and Policy

Virginia Tech (VA)
Programs offered: 

Washington State University, Agricultural and Food Systems (WA)
Programs offered: BS, Minor, and Graduate Certificate

Wayne State University (MI)
Programs offered: BA, BS, Minor

Western Colorado University (CO)
Programs offered: Concentration