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Food systems Professionals

Employment opportunities in this field are growing and diversifying.

More than 90 universities and colleges in North America offer programs in food systems studies.

Talented people are flocking to it.

But this career path remains difficult to navigate and largely invisible to the public.

We aim to fix that.

NAFSN works at the forefront of this profession, providing networking opportunities, practitioner tools,

career guidance, student chapters, and a curated jobs board for people at all career levels of this critical-change work.

NAFSN also creates interactive learning experiences with the open-access, peer-reviewed science published by our sister affiliate,

the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development (JAFSCD.) 

We seek sponsors who value a diverse & informed workforce

for local and regional food systems

Website Sponsor: $500

NAFSN will feature sponsor logos on our website homepage in 2023.

Engagement through our website is more than 21,000 users.

Student Chapter Sponsor: $250

NAFSN will initiate up to five new student chapters in 2023. 

Year-round virtual engagement with participating students is expected at 100 unique individuals.

Webinar Series Sponsor: $100 per episode

NAFSN will host several webinar series in 2023, up to 15 episodes in all.

Enrollment for our webinars averages at 140-150 attendees per episode.