AgriCluster Resilience and Expansion

AgriCluster Retention and Expansion (ACRE) is a holistic strategic planning process for complex value chain enterprises, agroecological initiatives, and community food projects in which farmers are involved.

The in-depth facilitated ACRE process is designed to help farmers and their allied stakeholders create a shared vision and work effectively together to become more competitive and resilient.

The ACRE Facilitation Training course is offered free of charge to NAFSN members. Graduates may also join the ACRE Community of Practice.

ACRE Certification is also available for those who complete an exam and a community-based practicum.

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Leadership for this project is chaired by Sara Prout in 2024.

Finding Your Future in Food Systems

Finding Your Future in Food Systems (FYFFS)  is a webinar & podcast series produced by college students for college students, early career professionals, and mid-career professionals in transition.

By producing four episodes each season, FYFFS features food systems professionals representing job-creating organizations from throughout the US, and is inclusive of a wide variety of roles, sectors, missions, and locations.

Featured speakers share details of their programs, roles, and work cultures, as well as valuable insights from their own professional journeys. Questions from the audience are highly encouraged in this interactive format.

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Leadership for this effort is chaired by Vivian Le in 2024.

Community Food & Ag Resilience Audit Tool

The Community & Agriculture Resilience Audit Tool (CARAT) helps community stakeholders assess how they currently utilize the assets of their local food system to achieve a substantial level of community resilience.

CARAT measures the resources within a food system via 101 indicators to determine possible next steps to increase community resiliency and food sovereignty. These indicators revolve around seven core themes that address the complex nature of community resiliency. 

NAFSN is conducting nation-wide CARAT Pilot throughout 2024 in partnership with the Food and Agrarian group at Indiana University. 

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Leadership for this effort is chaired by Jodee Smith in 2024.

Community Food Systems Employment Data Project

The Community Food Systems Employment Data Project (COM*FED) seeks to better understand the roles and requirements of the community food systems workforce in the US.

Using the combined lenses of job description analysis and surveys, COM*FED strives to make these roles more visible and to better understand the knowledge, skill sets, life experiences, and investments needed to sustain these roles in ways that supports more resilient, equitable, and healthful communities.

This project includes the curation of data from NAFSN's national jobs board and consultants services.

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Leadership for this effort is chaired by Dr Kareem Usher in 2024.