In unison with our sister affiliate, the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development (JAFSCD), we seek to build more bridges between academics, practitioners, and students working in community food systems development. 

Toward that end, we announce the first episode of the "Growing Evidence" podcast. 

This episode features the thoughtful voices and insights of three JAFSCD authors - Christine Porter, Melvin Arthur, and Lacey Gaechter - speaking on two JAFSCD-published articles:

African and Native American Foodways and Resiliences: From 1619 to Covid-19
Comparing Apples and Coconuts: Food Regimes and (Farmers) Markets in Brooklyn, USA, and Suva, Fiji.

The episode was produced by Syracuse University graduate student Alycia Cahn and hosted by the Cornell University students Nika Colley and Hawa Barry. We hope it will inform and inspire your own community-based practice.