NAFSN Student Chapters provide early-career networking and experiential learning in their own communities and on a national level.

North Carolina State University

Chapter Name: NAFSN-NCSU

Chapter Established: July 2022

Co-Chairs: Adrian Evans & Charlotte Yancey

Faculty Advisor: Dawn Rodriguez-Ward

Areas of focus: NAFSN-NCSU provides a space to network and learn more about Food Systems as a career path. In 2023, our team strives to prepare current seniors for their careers in Agriculture and Food Systems and establish a strong foundation for future NAFSN-NCSU leaders. 

Recent project: Finding Your Future in Food Systems, regional version, North Carolina, produced Oct 26, 2022 

University of Washington

Chapter Name: NAFSN-UW

Chapter Established: January 2023

Co-Chairs: Jordan Kuzmich and Caitlin Soler

Faculty Advisor: Yona Sipos

Areas of focus: The North American Food Systems Network UW Student Chapter aims to expose young professionals in the Seattle area to a variety of career opportunities offered by the field of food systems.

Recent Project: Finding Your Future in Food Systems- Seattle: planned for April 2023

San Jose State University

Chapter Name: NAFSN-SJSU

Chapter Established: January 2023

Co-Chairs: Samantha Dahlberg & Mekky Moges

Faculty Advisor: Susan Chen

Areas of focus:  As students aspiring to be professionals in nutritional science it is essential for us to have a full understanding of how food systems work and operate. Food is not just about nutrients, where it originates and how it gets to the consumers at affordable pricing is equally as important. Through NAFSN students like us are exposed to the various fields in which food is involved. Being a part of this organization will only allow us to be better in the workforce. 

Recent Project: Finding Your Future in Food Systems - Bay Area: planned for Spring 2023