Clarify your purpose. Advance your career. Create the future you want. 

Then, Become a mentor to someone else. 

This is the premise of The Encouraging Mentor.

NAFSN is honored to partner with The Encouraging Mentor, an initiative by Brian Raison. As NAFSN digs into workforce development for those working on the frontlines of their community food systems, we recognize the need for mentorship that both nurtures and challenges us all.

The Encouraging Mentor book offers step-by-step instructions with proven, conversation-starting tools for deep engagement between mentor and mentee. These tools can be used with no training. They work with individuals or groups. The tools will help the mentor grow personally and professionally. '

Check out the "Free Stuff" tab on The Encouraging Mentor website for downloads.

Brian is an Ohio State University faculty member teaching on-campus and working statewide in the Extension community development program area as a leadership specialist. His current research and teaching focus is leadership development. He has also worked extensively in strategic planning, often within the local food systems arena. 

Brian Raison, PhD, is a founding member of NAFSN since 2015.

40 conversations that Matter

40 Conversations: A Guided Journal for Personal and Professionals Growth is a workbook companion to The Encouraging Mentor

The guided journal can be used:

* as an independent study for personal and professional growth;

* in nonformal mentoring programs;

* to supplement internships or employee onboarding;

* jointly as a conversation-starter with your partner.

NAFSN will give away 10 copies of 40 Conversations this year to randomly selected registrants of our "Finding Your Future in Food Systems" webinars.

Winners this year so far are:

* Lisa C of Chicago, IL

* Neely G of Richmond Hill, GA

* Nicole M of Phoenixville, PA

* Sarenda P or Oregon City, OR

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