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Wednesday, February 10, 2021
12:00 am ET

Our time: essential links for a strong food chain conference

Looking for in-depth education to help you grow your business? OEFFA's full-day Food and Farm School classes have you covered!

Join us from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Wednesday, February 10 as part of OEFFA's 42nd annual conference to learn about:

  • Building ahealthy soil food web with world-renowned soil biologist and 2021 keynote speaker Dr. Elaine Ingham
  • Raisinghappy pigs with hog farmer, Happy Pigs Taste Better author, and Fedco Seeds Organic Growers Supply division manager Alice Percy
  • Managingraw milk risk with Mark McAfee, Sarah Smith, and Joseph Heckman of the Raw Milk Institute and dairy farmer Edwin Shank

Registration is required and OEFFA members save $25 on the $75 fee. Watch live on February 10 or on-demand recordings through March 31! Read more and save your spot at

2:00 pm ET

What's the beef? A slow meat policy panel

Join Slow Food USA and Niman Ranch for a four-part series of Slow Food Live sessions focused on Slow Meat. Tune in to learn the art of curing your own bacon, cooking tips for grass-fed beef, the Lakota people’s sacred Wasna and policies to build a better food system! 


Wednesday, February 10
​11am PST / 2pm EST

Join us to examine the impacts of industrial-scale livestock production. We’ll hear perspectives on family-scale farming and ranching, farm animal welfare, regenerative agricultural practices, and meat and poultry workers. This will serve as a launch point for national 2023 Farm Bill discussions. We’ll consider important federal legislation, including Representative Pingree's Agriculture Resilience Act (ARA) and Senator Booker's Farm System Reform Act. We’ll give you simple steps to contact your federal legislators to support these and other important bills. This panel is curated by our national Food and Farm Policy Steering Committee.