a professional association of people working to strengthen   local & regional food systems

The North American Food Systems Network (NAFSN) works at the forefront of the food systems profession itself, providing networking opportunities, resources, career guidance, leadership opportunities, training, webinars, podcasts, and a curated jobs board for people at all levels of this critical-change work. 

NAFSN convenes subject matter experts to develop training and open-access tools specifically for community food systems professionals. Our work is grounded in peer-reviewed research published by our sister program, the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development (JAFSCD).

If you value a diverse and informed workforce at the helm of community food systems development, join today.

Now Taking Applications

NAFSN is accepting applications for its CARAT Pilot 2024 program. Due Feb 29, 2024.

Featured Educational Opportunities

New Entry Sustainable Farming Project at Tufts offers NAFSN member discounts for training. Apply for their paid summer internships in curriculum development, data analysis, comms, and more.

EcoGather offers a NAFSN member discount for their continuing education programs.

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The NAFSN logo is a modern and graphic depiction of a microphone and rain falling on farm land. Its resemblance to a microphone represents networking, inclusion, and an amplification of diverse voices. The idea of rain represents growth, provision, and replenishment, symbols that work across community food systems and professional development. Its circular shape evokes feelings of community and unity. The mark uses geometric shapes representing mutuality, circularity, and relational activities fostered within place-based food & agricultural economies.

Meet the designer.


Are you an emerging food systems professional?

Are you in career transition, seeking a job in community food systems work?

Finding Your Future in Food Systems is for you! 

Our popular webinar series now has a sister podcast!

Listen to the Finding Your Future in Food Systems Podcast: Europe Edition.