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Job Detail: Equity Consultant

About Center for Agricultural Development and Entrepreneurship:

CADE seeks to build a vibrant food system in which locally owned agricultural businesses thrive and consumers are nourished by healthy, sustainably produced food. Our mission is to increase the number and diversity of successful farm enterprises and related businesses in New York.  

CADE focuses on the “triple bottom line” of agricultural development:

  • Increasing the profits of farm businesses through efficient production systems, effective marketing and distribution programs, and sound business principles;
  • Promoting environmental production practices such as low input, organic, grazing and pasture-raised livestock production, watershed runoff protection, and improved distribution to lower “food-miles”; and
  • Engendering positive social outcomes: job creation, positive connection between farmers and consumers, public health, and locally circulating food dollars. 

In the last six months, we began recruiting BIPOC leadership on the Board of Directors as a first step in exploring the change process. Together, Board and staff recognize the need for creating a comprehensive, inclusive process for us to collectively define the way forward in advancing equity within CADE and in the larger food system, with more representative voices at the table. 

Since the murder of George Floyd, national movements calling for greater action to end racism in all sectors and spheres, and the exposure of injustices from COVID19 in food security and nutrition for BIPOC communities, we seek to accelerate our progress as a matter of urgency. 


Position Responsibilities:

Recognizing that CADE welcomes recommendations from the consultant, we anticipate that the scope of work will involve the facilitation of a process for CADE Board and staff to:

  • Develop a collective understanding and common language related to racial inequities, injustices, and barriers experienced by BIPOC farmers in NYS (e.g. through recommended readings, webinars, and other homework);
  • Identify CADE’s unique role in advancing equity in the food system and in serving BIPOC farms and agricultural business entrepreneurship;
  • Help shape a survey and/or other data collection tools for CADE’s existing BIPOC clients, inviting them to share their needs, challenges, and perceptions of how CADE can be a trusted and credible resource / support;
  • Set organizational outcomes, targets, and indicators for advancing equity and inclusion to be harmonized with CADE’s 5-year organizational strategy;
  • Inventory CADE’s policies, practices, procedures, cultures, and programs/services that must shift or be developed to advance equity and inclusion;
  • Set professional development goals for existing Board and staff, including identifying networking opportunities, conferences, etc. to ensure on-going conversations related to equity and racial justice in the food system; and
  • Develop a plan of action for making necessary organizational changes that will align with CADE’s goals. This may include recruitment of new leadership (Board and staff); creation of a formal equity committee to support / advance changes; adoption of new curricula, programs and services, etc.; engagement of new networks; recruitment of BIPOC clients and beginning farmers to CADE’s geographic area; building ally ships among BIPOC and food justice communities and within the like-minded white majority communities; shifting communications, etc.

The consultant facilitator will design the process, schedule group and individual sessions, create agendas, facilitate group discussions, collect input, make recommendations, prepare key documents, and other work to advance the process that will culminate in the development of a CADE specific plan of action for advancing equity. 

As a result of this process, CADE, with the support of the consultant, will develop a clear and comprehensive plan of action for advancing equity, ideally by our new fiscal year (May 2021) but potentially longer pending the availability of all involved. CADE also intends to continue recruitment of BIPOC leadership on the Board of Directors and staff, with a target of 30% (currently at 15%) by April 2021. 


Wage, Timing, and Additional Information:

CADE seeks to undertake this process in segments from December 2020 through May 2021, or potentially through early summer if necessary. Based on staff and Board schedules, we would like to implement progress in the evenings (5:30-7pm) on a bimonthly basis during that period. 

To Apply:

For consultants interested in applying, please submit a letter of interest, a resume and/or client list, and a brief proposal on a recommended process with requested fees to <> no later than November 27, 2020. Please use Equity Consultant Application in the subject line. 

Applicants are welcome to schedule an introductory call with staff prior to submitting their applications; call requests can be scheduled with <>.

About the job

Location Oneonta, New York
Field Administrative
Time Full-time
Date 17 November 2020

About the company

Company name Center for Agricultural Development and Entrepreneurship
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Employees 0-10


Phone (607) 433-2545


Street 189 Main Street, 5FL Mezzanine
City Oneonta
District New York
Zip 13820
Country United States